Marisol Vengas

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Artist: Marisol Vengas
Bio: "Marisol Vengas is an anonymous-shrouded-in-secrecy artist collective originating from Northern California. She seems to operate in a AI-induced hive mindset. Some of her works are produced from over a dozen or plus artists who have never met in real life. Some of them have discovered each other from forums and online groups, and none of the know how they've been to selected to participate in the collective. The artists don't know who they get the pieces from or where they end up. No one really knows who started Marisol, but they do know she's going to running for a long time. She's a truly a decentralized living artist. Currently she has exhibited over 10 countries and has produced thousands of works. You can find these work from the streets of Bangladesh to the museums of Paris. Clues about her existence are littered throughout her work."


Tuesday August 15, 2017

Curio Card 27
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600 sold

0.0025 ETH/card

Curio Card 28
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400 sold

0.0025 ETH/card

Curio Card 29
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200 sold

0.0025 ETH/card

Frequently Asked Questions

Curio Card's is an online art show for digital artists and collectors. It created a new form of digital artwork ownership, one without artist fees or restrictive platform DRM, using a distributed network called Ethereum.

Curio was the first Art Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on mainnet Ethereum. With it you could own a rare and collectible piece of digital artwork. You can learn more about Curio in our Docs

Curio Cards are all sold out, but that doesn't mean you still can't collect them! Cards in the hands of individual owners often get relisted for sale or trade. Find out more about the places you can buy Curio Cards in our Docs

Any Ethereum wallet that lets you control your own private keys can be used with Curio Cards. Keep in mind you won't be able to see or manage the cards unless you add the token contract addresses to the wallet. This process is different for every wallet. Curio Cards recommends using MetaMask. Check out our Docs to learn how to use MetaMask with your cards.
Don't use ethereum wallets from exchanges for managing your cards. These wallets don't allow you control of the private keys and cannot manage unsupported tokens. If you send unsupported tokens they will be lost.

How to buy

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1. Setup a self-hosted Ethereum wallet, like MetaMask

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2. Send ethereum from your account to the vending machine addresses. Cards will be sent back.

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3. View your new cards in the Gallery.